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Moving from Russia

- Historical patterns repeat themselves, anticipations of successful business projects to be fulfilled often reside in the acceptance of the fact that you will have to move to a new place or country.
Modern economy developments assume moving on frequent, short or long term business trips all over the world. Acquiring new business in another state or province in Russia is not as unusual these days as it was just a decade ago.

Resettlement nowadays for the business people is a reality, adapted by the most active expatriates, moving every five to ten years as in America or Europe. International relocation is a newly growing feature in Russia, concerninig not only foreigners, but also Russians traveling to former CIS countries.

All thou our late ancestors used to travel, the most commonly relocating class was the one accepted as a political & who were forced to move to other settlements in spite of the «regime».
- Immigration or international relocation in Russia in recent years was a circumstance, mostly related to the capabilities of development and political structuring at a that time. Moving mostly to other states or provinces in the previous years was a reaction to an unstable situation at home. Moving overseas to other countries was surely even more dramatic.
Modern relocation in Russia is a free-moving possibility. Acquiring new business or real-estate abroad is a popular tendency these days, by doing so you also acquire a well respected status of a international businessman.
But moving from Russia or in to the former CIS is never an easy task, its a delicate process with a complicated structure and it should be handled by specialized moving companies. Moving by yourself for instance to Europe you will encounter complications with inner customs.
Importing personal effects to Russia! the same. Customs difficulties would probably be the only related coincidence in the whole relocation process in any direction.
- Every other feature in the chain of preparations for a international move with your “household» is a task your moving company should handle for you.

Chousing the right company is the first task.

- Moving to Europe, say if it would be Prague, where you have an airport, your «mover» first should advise you on the more practical way of shipments for your household from door in Moscow to door in Prague.
- The expenses here arise if mistakenly your mover would arrange your shipment to be delivered by air and not by truck when the volume of your household exceeds 300 or 500 kg, which in many categories would be cheaper to deliver by land. So, the right “mover” is the one that is capable to organize shipments by all types of transportation, not only air, but any other preferable for economy reasons.
Land transportation, or air delivery is a preferable descision depending on destination and volume and weight, which will allow the customer to chose on his account.
In our case transfer of a «household» of approximately 3 room flat to be packed will be performed by land. After the goods are packed in Moscow they are ready to be transferred on long distances.
Quality export packing is a must.

Second, is destination possibilities.

International relocation is a delicate and complicated process, and in order to a make it more convenient , moving companies handling personal effects should be capable of forwarding goods «directly» to the desired destination. If the company does not have a corporate service contract with every Air shipping company in your area, with all Sea freight companies pursuing your countries direction and every railway port - it cannot guarantee that your cargo will be forwarded “directly” to point of destination and thus, making it much longer in time and more expensive.
Historically once a thought of warped judgement for relocation or immigration the modern Russian international moving business is an upcoming tendency. Shipments of commercial cargo, international relocation of embassy households and cargoes, personal effects of expats is a constantly growing margin in the logistics sphere on Russian territory.
And the number of import and export shipments of household goods to main cities in Russia is a great achievement for the business related development strategies conducted by international corporations and their staff.

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